Defense Crane in the Fun & Serious Game Festival 2015

December 2nd, 2015

The 2015 edition of the Fun&Serious Game Festival will be remembered because two madmen of video games that form a group called VR Squad presented themselves there with all its utensils to present the demo of a little game that they are developing entitled Defense Crane. They were four days of fun, excitement, meet people, talk (very much) and to give interviews, in addition to dealing with malice aforethought to mythical figures of the video games history. In the middle of so many gala, photo shoot and other mass media paraphernalia, we have left the satisfactory sense that people liked our game and we may have a future in games develop. For it, we have put ourselves again hands to the work and from yesterday itself we are already stinging again code to finish the biggest defense crane´s videogame ever created.


We show Defense Crane in the Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao

November 25th, 2015

For those who could not go to Bilbao Maker Faire, we announce that we will be in a exhibition of Basque Developers in the framework of the Fun & Serious Games Festival which is celebrated in Bilbao. The expo will be organized on the first floor of the CAC (the building that isn’t the media library or the gym-pool) in Azkuna Zentroa. We will be there in person on Thursday 26, Friday 27, Monday 30 and Tuesday December 1. The weekend got rid of having to attend to personal and work commitments. But… Ey! They are four days, you can not complain…

Enjoying the success in Bilbao Maker Faire

November 23th, 2015

As we comment already to you, we were presenting the last demo of our first game «Defense Crane» in the Bilbao Maker Faire, and the truth, we were surprised by the warm welcome of visitors. Perhaps too much, because sometimes we were a bit overwhelmed by the tide of people who wanted to try it. Part of the success to the novelty of playing with Virtual reality goggles we achacamos, but we also think that what the public saw in the monitor parallel liked. And many did so we know. All kinds of people, fathers, mothers and children could feel the adrenaline of driving our particular crane and we had fun times urging the players to test different strategies. We want to be grateful to all those who visited us for its attention and for devoting ourselves a few minutes.

By clicking on the photo, you’ll have some screenshots of moments of this weekend…

Exclusive interview in the podcast of

October 27th, 2015

2_rovcast40The portal RealoVirtual dedicate its podcast in exclusive to the game Defense Crane and to chat with us. It is a long (very long) interview with good vibes in wich we talk about the game, about us, about the problems of development and many other things that have happened to us this year and a half that we carry with our title. If you are interested in the development of video games, virtual reality and two geeks that speak of this explosive mixture, no doubt this is your program…

Now available the "Press Start" program interview

October 19th, 2015

For all those that you are willing to oirnos say any other lot sandwiched between thoughtful reflections on the virtual reality, the video game industry and electronic porn, here is a direct link to the program «Press Start» of October, orchestrated by the guys from La Parada de los Monstruos (The Freak Parade) and that this time is dedicated to virtual reality with an interview exclusively to some servers.

For those who can hear the program at work/home with the open browser window, here is the player to press and enjoy interview in his October "Press Start" program

October 17th, 2015

The good «geek» people of has made us a dense interview for their next program of video games ‘Press Start’ in which we talk about Defense Crane, about us, about the industry and some other surprise that you can not miss from next Monday 19. The programme will be simultaneously on Radio beat Getafe and you can hear it delayed on its web


New version of the demo!! (

October 4th, 2015

We have been polishing some details of the demo, and while there is no new level, we have retouched different aspects of gameplay that give it a new look.

Now the crane cable is much more rigid, behaving in a more real and solid. Vehicles no longer stop when struck, to slightly increase the difficulty, and have left the game menus ready to be used, with the options that are not implemented disabled in such a way that they already don’t bother to navigate. There are also translations into English and Basque, and most important, we have reassigned the buttons of the gamepad to make crane handling more comfortable and intuitive. Thanks to all!!

We go forward with the development

September 27th, 2015

Although it may not seem it, in the last two weeks have been busy working on significant improvements to Defense Crane: translation into Basque and English, improvements in stability and behavior of cable of crane, changes in the behaviour of vehicles to make the game more fun (we like the y…) and arrangements in the control system and minor code bug. It is an invisible job for the user, but that helps to make the experience of Crane Defense more solid if possible…


We go to the Samsung Gear VR Weekend

September 9th, 2015293As a sign of its commitment to the technology of virtual reality and the development of applications in this field, Samsung has organized the «Samsung Gear VR Weekend», an event dedicated to virtual reality which will be held the weekend of 12 and 13 September at the hotel Barceló Aranjuez. The call is open to professionals of the world of virtual reality, the creators of content, companies interested in having a specific virtual reality application in their business and anyone with ideas for develop in this exciting technological field.

We have been invited by Samsung to share this weekend dedicated to virtual reality. Over Samsung Gear VR Weekend, there will be workshops on creation of applications, demos, recording of 360° video content, tips of portability to Samsung VR Gear from other platforms and a hackathon of ideas, all with the support of Samsung team and other professionals, which will help participants to the creation of content for Samsung VR Gear and will share their views on the present and future of virtual reality. Best application project presented by the participating teams at the hackathon may choose in addition to a financial prize by Samsung.

Defense Crane on August 31 Deia newspaper


Today, August 31, appears in the Deia newspaper a full report on the Defense Crane game and its authors. The truth is that we have gone well favored, in text and photo. We cannot ask more… We want to thank Iker, the journalist, for his attention and for allowing us to instill the thrill of virtual reality. On the other hand, the same story also out in digital publishing, on cover and with glorious color photos.

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