Defense Crane in the digital edition of Deia and Oyeradio

July 30th, 2015

The digital edition of the Deia newspaper talks, broadly and in a compressed form, about the beginnings of Defense Crane and the prize of the Spain VR Jam 2015. In the same way, today in Deia Radio have made us a short interview in which basically we have been able also to explain the beginning of the project.


Video of our visit to the Euskal Encounter 2015

July 26th, 2015

This is the video of our time on the party Euskal Encounter 2015 to introduce the new Defense Crane game demo. Thanks to all those who have participated, have helped us to improve the game with your comments.

We remind you that the demo can be downloaded in the downloads section and you can play both with Oculus Rift and on monitor.

We have won the Spain VR JAM!

July 17th, 2015

Defense Crane has won the Spain VR Jam 2015. And that they have not seen the latest version!. We have also been honored in the following categories: best Gameplay and winners of the best graphics in the SpainVRJAM.

Winners SPAIN VR JAM 2015

The creators of Defense Crane would like to thank from this page to the guys at RealoVirtual his eagerness to spread the knowledge about this fascinating world of the virtual reality, a concept which we are sure will revolutionize the world of entertainment and much more. We hope to be deserving of this award, which has been achieved in hard struggle with the guys from Winged Minds and their demo ‘Citadel‘, which we believe was really good. It is worth to try it if you have a Razer Hydra.

We also want to thank all the participants in the JAM for your comments in the Forum, and encourage them to continue developing for all kinds of virtual reality devices. See you on the other side!

First images of the level 2

July 7th, 2015

The level 2 of the game is already quite advanced, we cannot give many details to not spoil the surprise, but it implements new gameplay mechanics that will give enough headaches to the more confident players… On the other hand, we are thinking some major aesthetic changes that you can surely see in the next demo. Stay tuned!. For now, we leave you some screenshots of the development of the level 2 process and of what we believe will be a new look that will give more personality to the game…

lavado_cara01 lavado_cara02lavado_cara03

Optimization is everything

June 19th, 2015

As a designer and 3D modeler, one is very proud of what was achieved after long hours in front of the computer screen to recreate figures or environments. However, the end result ends up being impractical. We normally have a very rich in nuances and detailed 3D model, but that it is impossible to manage within the game. Thus in the optimization of the game, we passed through a process of simplification of the mesh and textures. We leave you with some illustrative images of what you are talking about.