The new incoming danger!!!

We present one of the most fearsome enemies of the game. Until now, we had only had to fight more or less hard vehicles, but this one … This one is different. If you watch the video well, you can get an idea of ​​what their special ability is and why it is so dangerous.

We have a store!

After deeply rethinking the in-game enhancement system, we have come to the decision to redo the entire user interface and simplify it. Now there is a store where you can buy the improvements that will be universal. That is, the purchased improvements can be used at any time and any crane to make the game more accessible and fun.

A good interface is the key to success

When designing a videogame we do not only think of elements such as graphics or gameplay. The usability of the set can be even more important. It is necessary that everything flows properly, that the user does not find obstacles to be able to do what he wants and that he can access all the options in as few steps as possible. For this, we try to design an interface for the strategic part that gathers all the options at the click of a mouse.

We follow in the gap. New improvements in Defense Crane

menu01 menu02

menu04 menu03

We are aware that we have some time without any update, but we are glad to inform you that our family and work obligations have failed to halt the development of «Defense Crane». Perhaps it is a little early to communicate this, but we have almost finished the most important logical part of the game, that is which controls the audio system, player profiles, the graphics options or remapping of buttons and axes in keyboard and gamepad. It has been a hard task, but we think that it was worth. Seeing the screenshots… What do you think?.

Talk about Virtual reality in the Vizcaya College

On Friday, February 19, we had the immense pleasure to deliver a talk at the Vizcaya College about Virtual reality and video games. We did a revision of what is, how you get, its current state and the software and human team that makes it possible. We want to thank the organizers of the cultural week for the opportunity they have given us to present our game Defense Crane and this world so exciting.

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Defense Crane in the Fun & Serious Game Festival 2015

December 2nd, 2015

The 2015 edition of the Fun&Serious Game Festival will be remembered because two madmen of video games that form a group called VR Squad presented themselves there with all its utensils to present the demo of a little game that they are developing entitled Defense Crane. They were four days of fun, excitement, meet people, talk (very much) and to give interviews, in addition to dealing with malice aforethought to mythical figures of the video games history. In the middle of so many gala, photo shoot and other mass media paraphernalia, we have left the satisfactory sense that people liked our game and we may have a future in games develop. For it, we have put ourselves again hands to the work and from yesterday itself we are already stinging again code to finish the biggest defense crane´s videogame ever created.


We show Defense Crane in the Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao

November 25th, 2015

For those who could not go to Bilbao Maker Faire, we announce that we will be in a exhibition of Basque Developers in the framework of the Fun & Serious Games Festival which is celebrated in Bilbao. The expo will be organized on the first floor of the CAC (the building that isn’t the media library or the gym-pool) in Azkuna Zentroa. We will be there in person on Thursday 26, Friday 27, Monday 30 and Tuesday December 1. The weekend got rid of having to attend to personal and work commitments. But… Ey! They are four days, you can not complain…

Enjoying the success in Bilbao Maker Faire

November 23th, 2015

As we comment already to you, we were presenting the last demo of our first game «Defense Crane» in the Bilbao Maker Faire, and the truth, we were surprised by the warm welcome of visitors. Perhaps too much, because sometimes we were a bit overwhelmed by the tide of people who wanted to try it. Part of the success to the novelty of playing with Virtual reality goggles we achacamos, but we also think that what the public saw in the monitor parallel liked. And many did so we know. All kinds of people, fathers, mothers and children could feel the adrenaline of driving our particular crane and we had fun times urging the players to test different strategies. We want to be grateful to all those who visited us for its attention and for devoting ourselves a few minutes.

By clicking on the photo, you’ll have some screenshots of moments of this weekend…